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  • Office of the Staff Judge Advocate

    Judge Advocates in the legal office provide legal assistance to active-duty, reserve component members on orders or pending deployment, and retired military members and their eligible dependents with valid military identification cards. This assistance includes wills, powers of attorney, and other civil legal matters such as landlord/tenant, domestic, and consumer affairs issues.
  • O-2A Skymaster

    The Air Force bought Cessna O-2 Super Skymaster to replace the aging O-1 Bird Dogs for use in Vietnam as forward air control aircraft. The O-2 evolved from the Cessna Model 336, which was destined to provide twin engine capability for single engine qualified pilots. A major difficulty in going to two engines was symmetric handling, which is
  • OV-10 Bronco

    The OV-10A was a twin-turboprop short takeoff and landing aircraft conceived by the U.S. Marine Corps and developed under a U.S. Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps tri-service program. The first production OV-10A was ordered in 1966, and its initial flight took place in August 1967. The Bronco's missions included observation, forward air control,
  • O-1E Bird Dog

    In 1950 Cessna won an Army design competition for a light, two-seat liaison and observation aircraft. They mated the wings and tail of one aircraft to a new fuselage with a large windowed "glasshouse" cabin and a 213 horsepower engine. The Army bought this L-19 Bird Dog which served in the Korean and Vietnam Wars. A wingspan of 36 feet, length of
  • Operation THURSDAY

    Operation THURSDAY began on March 5, 1944, when the first C-47 launched from India towing two overloaded gliders filled with Wingate's troops, equipment, and supplies. A total of 26 transports towing gliders comprised the first wave. The gliders, carrying from 1,000 to 2,000 pounds of excess weight, strained the C-47 tow planes and ropes and caused
  • OA-37B Dragonfly

    The A-37 Dragonfly was developed in 1963 by modifying the Cessna-built T-37 trainer. It sported two General Electric J85-GE-17A turbojet engines, which developed 2,850 pounds of thrust. The wingspan of this plane was 35 feet, 10 inches. Its length was 29 feet, 3 inches and the plane's height was 8 feet, 10 inches. The aircraft weight 14,000 pounds