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  • Critical Days of Summer: It's personal!

    The Critical Days of Summer campaign is an annual safety campaign starting on Memorial Day weekend and running through Labor Day weekend. The Air Force theme for this year's campaign is titled "It's Personal." According to the Air Force Safety Center, the objective of the 2012 CDS campaign is to call attention to the tragic loss or injury of Airmen
  • Resiliency and Alcohol: Know the risks, limits

    The DoD Center of Excellence for Psychological Health defines Resiliency as "the ability to withstand, recover and/or grow in the face of stressors and changing demands." To further enhance Airman, organizational and community resilience, Air Force leaders launched the Comprehensive Airman Fitness model in March 2011. The CAF model's purpose is to
  • Sizzling Summer Safety

    Every year Americans look forward to summer vacation, traveling, camping, family reunions and picnics. However, outdoor activities bring the risk of fire and injuries due to outdoor cooking and grilling accidents and improper use of flammable liquids. Annually more than 8,000 Americans are injured by flammable liquids, and outdoor cooking fires.
  • Surviving rape - a mother's perspective

    It began with the phone ringing at 5:00 a.m., never a good time for a phone call. It was my 18-year-old daughter sobbing, saying she was at the police station. I asked her what she had done (not my best parenting moment.) She said she had been raped, and my heart stopped. I told her that she was not a victim, and, by going to the police, she had
  • 'Sugar bug' defense for 'Sweet Tooth'

    The Easter bunny is hopping into town, and with that comes smiling children uncovering hidden sweet treats to eat. While children may just be worried about eating their chocolate rabbits and other goodies, parents are concerned about safeguarding their children's smiles from the damage of candies' sugar.Did you know that Americans spend more than
  • Getting s-s-serious about snakes

    The Air Force and Hurlburt Field have made a commitment to be good stewards of the environment. One of the positive outcomes of this decision is that we at Hurlburt Field are able to live in a community that includes numerous and varied natural areas interspersed throughout the base for our enjoyment. However, with these natural areas come inherent
  • Resiliency: Optimal fitness and performance

    The term "resiliency" is an important concept that many Department of Defense military, civilian and family members have read, heard and/or spoken about recently. Yet what exactly does "resiliency" mean within the context of a military community? The DoD Center of Excellence for Psychological Health defines Resiliency as "the ability to withstand,
  • 505th CCW/CC: "Mission and People"

    Commanders and superintendents from across the 505th Command and Control Wing's 13 different operating locations attended the annual 505 CCW Commanders' Conference here at Hurlburt Field from Feb. 6-10.This year's conference focused on "Mission and People." In light of current fiscal constraints, attendees examined and prioritized every aspect of
  • Healthy teeth as easy as "kicking the can"

    It's a new year, and that means many of us will make resolutions to drop some of our bad habits and be healthier. But how often do you think of cutting back on soda? Acids and sugar by-products in soda can actually cause damage to your teeth and other negative effects on your oral health. First, they can cause staining and discoloration. By
  • Responsible Alcohol Use: Vital throughout the Year

    Since 1981, every president of the United States has demonstrated his commitment to preventing impaired driving by proclaiming December as National Impaired Driving Prevention month. In signing these proclamations, presidents of the United States have urged all Americans to make responsible decisions, and take appropriate measures, to prevent