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  • Protect yourself and your pets from rabies

    The County of Santa Rosa issued a press release on Nov. 16 reporting that rabies had been confirmed in a raccoon that had bitten a dog. The dog was not vaccinated against rabies, and will remain under quarantine at a veterinary office for six months at the owner's expense.Rabies is a virus that affects the central nervous system and is carried in
  • Opportunity knocks: Hurlburt Field tax team needs you

    Colder temperatures, leaves falling to your lawn, and your favorite football team descending to the bottom of the standings--winter traditions that indicate that it is time to break out the sweatshirt, start planning Super Bowl parties, and prepare to file your federal and state income taxes. If that last item caught your attention, then you may be
  • Holiday fire-safety saves lives

    As the holidays approach, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is urging people to look for and eliminate potential dangers from holiday lights and decorations that may lead to fires and injuries.Each year, hospital emergency rooms treat about 8,100 people for injuries such as falls, cuts and shocks related to holiday lights, decorations and
  • AFSOC critical attributes: a renewed perspective

    You've undoubtedly seen the Air Force Special Operations Command Critical Attributes posters. A few years ago following a series of on- and off-duty incidents, approximately 200 subject matter experts identified the qualities that distinguish an AFSOC Airman from those simply considered "average." The analysis identified the features that peers and
  • Flu vaccinations are here for you

    As fall and cooler temperatures approach, so does the flu season. You may remember the last time you had the flu; you got to stay home from work, felt awful and may have missed an important event or activity you were looking forward to.When large numbers of people are out sick, it also impacts the important mission of the U.S. Air Force. At the
  • Suicide prevention: everyone's responsibility

    Throughout the United States, National Suicide Prevention Week takes place during Sept. 4-10. This year's theme is "Changing the Legacy of Suicide." In 2007 more than 34,000 people died by suicide in the U.S. This equated to an average of 94 individuals per day, or one person each 15 minutes, died by suicide. Suicide is the 11th leading cause of
  • Helmets make the difference

    "It's too hot outside.""I'm going right down the street.""I've been riding for XX years. I'll be fine.""The helmet messes up my hair.""Loud pipes save lives."While loud pipes may let people know you're there, proper gear saves lives. My gear saved my life Aug. 7. Around 8:00 a.m., I met up with 20 other sport bike riders from the local area. We
  • Airman's career, life enriched by enlisting

    I've been in the Air Force less than three years, and I've already lost count of how many times someone has asked me why I enlisted over commissioning. "You already have a bachelor's degree," they'd say. "Don't you want to make more money?" or "Your recruiter obviously pulled a number on you!"I had my reasons and would explain them whenever asked.
  • Smokeless is not better

    "Ewww...what is that in your water bottle?" "Oh, just a little dip... at least it's better than smoking a cigarette." Wrong! Many people believe that chewing tobacco, or dipping, is a safe alternative to smoking tobacco. But it isn't. According to the U.S. Military's "Quit Tobacco--Make Everyone Proud" website, smokeless tobacco actually contains
  • Dress (and behave) for success - use AFI 36-2903

    "The more things change, the more they stay the same" - not sure who said it first, but it's definitely something we can apply to the July 2011-updated Air Force Instruction 36-2903, Dress and Appearance of Air Force Personnel. I could quote the darn thing and bore you to tears, but I'll just put it this way: To be successful in the military, you