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  • Thank you doesn't seem like enough

    Dear Air Commandos: This is the last issue of the Hurlburt Field Commando as a base newspaper. Inside, you'll find photos from the first Commando (then called the Hurlburt HiLites) published July 5, 1962 and an article from the 1st Special Operations Wing History Office on the differences between the first newspaper and the present, modern day
  • 1st SOW takes on new Aim Points

    Air Commandos, what a fantastic first two months I've had as your wing commander! I've had the pleasure of witnessing your impressive professionalism first hand now and it continues to be an honor leading such a skilled team executing specialized airpower missions throughout the world. Under my predecessor, the 1st SOW followed a road map to
  • Col Webb Unveils his 1 SOW Aimpoints

    Fellow Air Commandos, I've had a whirlwind first two months as your 1st Special Operations Wing commander. I've seen you in action and it continues to be an honor leading such a skilled team to conduct special operations missions throughout the world. Under my predecessor, Col. Norm Brozenick, the 1st SOW followed a roadmap to mission success aptly
  • Col. Norm Brozenick thanks Team Hurlburt

    "General (Michael) Wooley, thank you for entrusting me with command of the 1st Special Operations Wing, 30 squadrons strong and installation leadership for the 38 partner unit members of Team Hurlburt. It was an honor and privilege I'll never forget," said Col. Norm Brozenick, former 1st SOW commander, during the wing change of command Tuesday in
  • Families are our best wingmen

    The Air Force has always had the wingman concept. It reflects the ultimate confidence in our fellow Airmen. We trust each other, quite literally, with our lives. Over the last few years, the Air Force has extended the concept to taking care of our wingmen during every day routine operations - both on and off duty. That means we take care of each
  • Thank you from Sgt. Padgett’s mom

    From the depths of my heart, I extend to each of you a grateful thank you for all you've done during the loss of my son, Army Sgt. Timothy Padgett. Many of you reached out to our family with an extension of your love to us by your calls, cards, flowers, food, monetary donations and donations of small stuffed animals. The extension of your love was
  • Need new computer equipment? Here’s the right way to get it

    With the widespread proliferation of information technology assets in today's military, just about everyone has been involved with the purchase of computer assets. A key problem is many individuals aren't familiar with the necessary steps. Most even miss the very first mandatory step in the procurement process - the establishment and validation of
  • Father's Day through the eyes of an Air Force "brat"

    Imagine having a father who constantly moves your family from location to location. One who's gone at times and misses important milestones in your life for his work. One who sees the world and might pay the ultimate sacrifice for your freedom but remains a fighter for our country. When your father is in the Air Force, your life complicates with
  • Summer is a critical time for fun, family and safety

    The Air Force's annual 101 Critical Days of Summer begins over the Memorial Day weekend. This holiday is typically associated with the beginning of summer fun -- activities such as water skiing, road trips, open-air cruising in convertibles and on motorcycles, golf outings and family cookouts. Summer is an important time for families because
  • Leadership: Serving the right way

    Over the past 20 years, I have had the pleasure and honor of attending various leadership and management training platforms, listening to and interacting with some of our most notable theorists and mentors of the present time. These individuals have spent countless hours looking at the leadership paradigm from every conceivable angle. And it seems