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  • Student training bears yoke of creating next generation

    A core task of the 19th Special Operations Squadron is Initial Aircrew Qualification Training for AC-130H Spectre gunships, AC-130U Spooky gunships and MC-130E Combat Talons. This core task directly supports the wing's third Aimpoint. The 19th SOS trains the next generation of Air Force and Air Commando leaders. It specifically trains the crews
  • IEA visit: Objective Excellence

    Great achievements are synonymous with great people. I am continuously awed by the actions of Airmen, civilians, contractors and families of Team Hurlburt. Once again, we have another chance to spotlight our people and mission during the Commander in Chief's Installation Excellence Award team visit Sunday through Wednesday. No doubt, Team Hurlburt
  • “Bring me warriors…”

    Several years ago, the U.S. Air Force Academy made a decision to remove the quote "Bring me men" from a prominent location on Academy grounds. While the debate focused on the words and their historical context, the author's message somehow seemed overshadowed by the controversy. Simply speaking, "Bring me men" translates easily to "Bring me
  • Developing vision for next Air Commando leaders

    "A true sign of leadership is not how well you run your organization, but how well it runs once you're gone." -- Anonymous senior non-commissioned officer To lead Air Commandos in the Global War on Terrorism, today's Special Operations Forces leader must be able to visualize the way ahead, lead their Airmen to the end state and "power-down"
  • AFSOC commanders' holiday wishes

    I'd like to wish you and your loved ones a happy and blessed holiday season. It has been a fantastic year to be in Air Force Special Operations Command, and I am incredibly proud of each and every one of you. We have achieved great things this year, including adding three remarkable aircraft into our inventory -- the U-28, the MC-130W and the
  • Airmen Against Drunk Driving - Used or Abused?

    Airmen Against Drunk Driving (AADD) has saved hundreds of lives. The volunteers that make this program work have selflessly dedicated their own personal time and resources to ensure the safety of our Airmen and their families. They haven't just saved our Airmen, they have saved others on the road whose lives would have been endangered. AADD is
  • Taking best care of our assets on base

    How do we "take best care of our wingmen, families, and resources?" This is a difficult question to answer, and an even more difficult matter to accomplish. Though difficult to answer, one thing I do know is, if we do not take care of our people, they will let us know by voting with their feet. That loss of experience and ability cannot be made up
  • AFSOC commander addresses Airmen

    I extend a very special thank you to all the personnel on Hurlburt Field for your efforts and hard work in preparing for the Air Force 60th Anniversary Commemoration. The entire event was executed with the precision and professionalism that have always been a hallmark of Air Commandos. All of you should take great pride in making this historic
  • Osprey brings distinctive capabilities to fight

    For several years now, Air Force Special Operations Command has awaited the delivery of an aircraft with revolutionary vertical lift capability known as the Osprey. As the 8th Special Operations Squadron works with others to deploy the aircraft, it's important to realize that the Osprey is a tilt-rotor, not a helicopter or an airplane. The Osprey
  • Welcome Home 1st SOW

    Welcome home 1st Special Operations Wing. The basics of our profession have not changed much since you've been gone. And that's good. General Hap Arnold is still our father. The military still refers to us as he did, "Air Commandos." General Arnold resourced our first organization, the 1st Air Commando Group, and some sixty-two years later we're