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  • AFSOC command chief addresses Hurlburt Airmen

    In my first eight weeks as your Command Chief, I've had the opportunity to visit many of you at locations around the world. Perhaps my most overwhelming impression from my visits is this: our nation is incredibly fortunate to have you. On a swing through Washington, I met with special operations weathermen at Fort Lewis and survived a Monster Mash
  • Changes . . . and the 16th SOW way ahead

    The winds of change are blowing at Hurlburt Field. Permanent change of station and retirement season is upon us, with a host of “goodbyes” to the best of friends and combat comrades. Seasoned Air Commandos are returning to our ranks, wearing the 16th SOW patch again after completing assignments at other locations. We’re also saying hello to
  • Share your personal trail of freedom

    Each year during our Fourth of July celebration, special memories of freedom flood my heart and mind. I'm sure it's the same for you. Beyond the din of faded fireworks, I can plainly see the faces of warriors past and present who selflessly purchased our freedom in the fires of combat. I'll always remember the middle-aged gentleman who lived across
  • ORI 2006: Exercise Commando Action, fought and won

    Air Commandos, I’m incredibly proud of each and every one of you. Your capability, credibility and faithfulness delivered an awesome operational readiness inspection 2006 performance. It all started last summer. Though engaged in lengthy combat in Afghanistan and Iraq, I asked our no-fail people to improve the wing's no fail-mission at home – rapid
  • Commander's Aim Points

    Fight and win Take best care of our wingmen, families and resources Develop the next generation of Air Force and Air Commando leaders
  • Autism awareness month:putting puzzle pieces together

    We were stationed in England the first time we heard the word autism associated with our son. Of course, we thought of the young child detached from the world, rocking back and forth. The characteristics we thought were associated with autism was emotionless detachment. Our son was far from that. It wasn’t until we continued to have problems at our
  • What are you doing with your tax return?

    An Airman walked into my office the other day excited about the new flat-panel television he was about to purchase. Curious as to how the Airman could afford such an extravagance, I asked how he’d pay for such a pricey item. He smiled and said, “I’m buying it with my tax return money.” I’ve taken it as my life mission to help young troops avoid the
  • Do a good job – people do notice

    Twenty eight years have now passed since I arrived at my first base as an airman basic, fresh out of technical school and eager to become a part of the “real Air Force.” I’ve held several jobs during those seven years of enlisted and 21 years of officer service, in two branches of the military. What have I learned over that time that could be of
  • Drinking, driving proves costly mix

    DUI is a three-letter acronym that stands for driving under the influence – including the influence of alcohol. We all know it’s no longer socially acceptable, nor will the Air Force tolerate, drinking and driving. Then why do people still put themselves into a career-threatening, or worse, life-threatening situation? I don’t have the magic answer
  • Our most important asset: Airmen

    Time and again, Team Hurlburt has proven the ability to rain down lethal combat power against America’s enemies across the globe. Our continued success in the no-fail Global War on Terrorism is not only dependent upon cutting-edge technology, innovative leadership and significant financial resources but also the unparalleled quality of our Airmen.