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  • Shake it, work it, feel the burn

    Loud, soul-shaking music reverberated throughout the room while crisp dance moves engulfed the dance floor and wet sheens of sweat glistened off attendees. The room boasted all the characteristics of a night club, but a second look revealed spandex, workout clothes and a well-lit gymnasium with an instructor leading the pack.The Aderholt Fitness
  • Make way for baby

    A classroom at the Airman and Family Readiness Center is full of ladies who are absolutely glowing, but they're also squirming in their chairs struggling to find a comfortable way to remain seated. All of these women are expectant mothers who hope to become more educated before their lives change drastically. The Bundles for Babies class offers a
  • Protected salt marsh remains untouched

    -- Hurlburt Field's Soundside salt marsh hosts not only a robust ecosystem, but endangered species and an archeological site along the shoreline in front of the FamCamp--these are some of the reasons that the land is under protection from any construction or developments. "Development changes which will occur as a result of the Military Housing
  • 319th lieutenant hits career milestone

    1st Lt. Aaron S. Chamberlain, from the 319th Special Operations Squadron, recently surpassed 1,000 combat hours over 190 sorties, while deployed with his unit in Bagram, Afghanistan. "Chamberlain is an exceptional officer and sets the example for others to follow," said Lt. Col. Patrick Daley, 319th SOS commander."Other U-28 aircrew has done this
  • Hurlburt Field tracks jolly ol' St. Nick

    As Christmas day approaches, children will be on the lookout for jolly ole' St. Nick, aka Santa Claus, beginning Dec. 24 -- and Hurlburt Field is here to help track when he comes to town.Santa and his nine reindeer: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen - with Rudolf leading the pack - will be traveling the world spreading
  • SOEMS : Fabricating a Future

    Ever wondered how the Air Force manages to keep such expensive planes in the sky? What happens when pieces are damaged? Are they replaced or does the plane just get trashed?Airmen at the aircraft structural maintenance shop of 1st Special Operations Equipment Maintenance Squadron are part of keeping planes in flight on a daily basis. Repairs to
  • Hurlburt Field stream splashes with big benefits

    Water sat idly in a grassy concavity as part of a subtle environmental backdrop where the silence occasionally broke by the hum and roar of passing vehicles. The discreet stream, fed by an artesian well found under the Hurlburt Field Housing office, rippled softly as aquatic wildlife boasted their presence while robust plant life surrounded the
  • Airman's Attic : a chance to give, receive

    Whether Airmen are starting out on their own and need a few household goods, or a family is looking for a few extra toys for the holiday season, Hurlburt Field's Airman's Attic is there. The Airman's Attic takes community donations and offers them free of charge to Airmen E-6 and below and their family members including furniture, small appliances,
  • Hungry bears fill up on garbage before winter

    Garbage--this is the root cause of bears being in the community, said Kristal Walsh, an environmental specialist with the 1st Special Operations Engineer Squadron at Hurlburt Field. Walsh routinely responds to bear sightings on base, one of her main goals is plain and simple: to spread bear awareness and safety. The bears in the area have a steady
  • 823 RHS joins Sandy clean up

    A team of nearly 50 Air Force civil engineers from duty locations across the country pulled together to form the 331st Air Expeditionary Group this week, to pump flood waters affecting New York coastal communities following Hurricane Sandy. The 331st AEG assembled here Saturday, with engineers from Hurlburt Field, Fla.; Joint Base Andrews, Md.;