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  • 823rd RED HORSE takes cardboard title

    The smell of food, the sound of music, and stormy weather is how the sound of independence started off June 28, here.Despite the potential inclimate postponing the crowd-pleasing tradition of the 25th Annual Cardboard Boat Regatta, each team slowly arrived and inspected their now water-logged boats prior to the race."After waiting for what seemed
  • Air Com-MOM-dos get back in the fight

    The Hurlburt Field Health and Wellness Center offers a special physical training program for active-duty mothers who are six weeks to six months post-partum.April Royster, HAWC health and fitness specialist who runs the program, said Post Pregnancy PT is designed to recondition active-duty members coming off maternity leave."My goal is to train
  • AGE keeps aircraft flying

    Maintainers from the Aerospace Ground Equipment Flight, 1st Special Operations Equipment Maintenance Squadron, live by the motto: "Without ground power there's no air power." These Airmen maintain all the equipment required to keep aircraft maintained and mission ready. The AGE flight has more than 60 personnel who repair, inspect and deliver more
  • Chat and Chew

    Venir apprendre, meaning "come learn" in the French language is the message that William Vander Bought, a French instructor with the U.S. Air Force Special Operations School Language Center, would like to get out to the Hurlburt Field community. People can vendir apprendre at Lunch Lingo.Lunch Lingo is a free daily lunchtime language seminar held
  • Rehabbing Airman back into the fight

    Physical therapists from the 1st Special Operations Medical Operations Squadron use rehab to help recovering Airmen regain their ability to accomplish the mission.When an Air Commando is injured during physical training, work or recovering from recent surgery, their primary care manager will recommend visiting physical therapy technicians at the
  • 1st SOCES maintains "Tree City" status

    The title of "Tree City USA" is not something just any community can obtain and yet, Hurlburt Field has won and maintained this status for almost two decades. Hurlburt Field has been a certified Tree City since 1994, according to said Krystal Walsh, natural and cultural resources manager for 1st Special Operations Civil Engineer Squadron. "No other
  • MiCare streamlines health inquiries

    Long lines, copious amounts of paperwork, waiting in a room to wait in another smaller room, all to ask a simple question about health--MiCare mitigates the process through easy access to a healthcare professional through the internet.Secure messaging is available to patients through a website called MiCare Portal."The Relay Health MiCare Portal is
  • RED HORSE roars through training

    At any given time, Hurlburt Field Airmen may hear loud booms and feel the ground shake under their feet. It's a normal occurrence on Hurlburt Field and most people give the credit to the 1st Special Operations Civil Engineer Squadrons Explosive Ordnance Disposal Airmen. However, the masterminds behind the explosions were 25 Airmen from the 823rd
  • Airmen bring soccer to arena

    Hurlburt Field's first arena soccer season has been extended for five weeks, granting the wishes of more than 100 soccer enthusiastic Airmen and other personnel from Eglin Air Force Base and Hurlburt Field, Fla. Originally, the soccer season was scheduled to be eight weeks - ending April 12, but since many of the players wanted to continue playing,
  • Air Force puts 'bread' in Airmen pockets

    Noon rolls around and stomachs begin rumble--the gastric moans and groans set off thoughts of delectable delights awaiting the arrival of ravenous patron's to feast at the nearest fast-food restaurant. As thoughts fixate on iconic symbols that represent gluttony goodness, Airmen wander past the award-winning sustenance that the Air Force