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  • Space academy: Pair of Hurlburt youths have the Right Stuff

    Dreams of flying high got a space shuttle sized boost for two Hurlburt Field youths. Ben Chastain, 14-year-old son of Tech. Sgt. Mike and Laura Chastain, and Regan Roshetko, 12-year-old son of Lt. Col. Chet and Carla Roshetko, were selected to attend a week-long Space Academy course at Huntsville, Ala., on full scholarships through the Air Force
  • Combat Aviation Advisors Do you have what it takes?

    (This is part four of a four-part series on the 6th SOS) The 6th Special Operations Squadron is a combat aviation advisory unit whose mission is to assess, train, advise and assist foreign air forces on airpower employment, sustainment and working with other military forces. A combat aviation advisor from the 6th SOS helps friendly and allied
  • Dagger Point: Airman 1st Class Paul Santilli reminisces about Hurricane Katrina relief efforts

    (Dagger Point is a multi-part series focusing in Air Commando history.) Almost one year ago, Airman 1st Class Paul Santilli, 20th Special Operations Squadron aerial gunner, served as part of a team put together for recovery efforts in the New Orleans area after Hurricane Katrina. Airman Santilli, along with members of the 20th SOS, was directly
  • Dagger Point: Retired Lt. Col. Jerry Klingaman discusses operations in Laos

    (Dagger Point is a multi-part series focusing in Air Commando history.) Lt. Col. Jerome "Jerry" Klingaman, 6th Special Operations Squadron director of strategy and plans, was the air operations center commander and air combat advisor during two consecutive deployments to Laos. During his first deployment to Vientianne, Laos, Colonel Klingaman led a
  • Dagger Point: Lt. Col. Alvarez talks of faith, courage, determination

    (Dagger Point is a multi-part series focusing on Air Commando history.) Lt. Col. John Alvarez, 6th Special Operations Squadron commander, was a Navy helicopter pilot on loan to the 20th SOS as part of a military exchange program in 1996. He, a Navy SEAL and an Ecuadorian army pilot crashed into a river in Ecuador near the Colombian border. The
  • AFSOC Airmen, spouses visit Cannon Air Force Base

    "It's not Hurlburt, but you can't make comparisons between the two," said Chief Master Sgt. Dexter Mitchell, 16th Maintenance Group chief of production and wing weapons manager. Chief Mitchell and his wife, Kathryn, were part of a group of 46 Air Force Special Operations Command Airmen and spouses sent on a "fact-finding" mission July 20-21 by
  • Base photographers set their sights on Airmen

    There are those among us who have been trained to capture in an instant. They blend into the crowd, seeking out their targets with efficiency and professionalism. They glide through the shadows, moving stealthily, so as not to frighten their mark, patiently waiting for the opportunity to strike. Finally, vigilance pays off. The moment of glory
  • Base vehicles keep on rolling

    More than 800 government vehicles worth $43 million traverse Hurlburt Field day and night thanks to the diligence of 60 vehicle maintainers. The 16th Logistics Readiness Squadron Vehicle Maintenance Flight handles the repairs and maintenance for all vehicles – from fire trucks to cranes, aircraft towing units to police cars. Vehicles are brought in
  • Excellent!! 16th SOW, 720th STG conquer ORI, continue to support Global War on Terrorism

    Air Force Special Operations Command Inspector General Col. David Harris announced excellent operational readiness inspection ratings for both the 16th Special Operations Wing and the 720th Special Tactics Group during the ORI outbrief July 7 in Freedom Hanger. The event kicked off with a video highlighting the accomplishments of Air Commandos
  • CATM Instructors train students to ‘stay on target’

    Some individuals find weapons requalification training to be extremely stressful. Weapons tend to be a little intimidating when you’re unfamiliar with how they operate. While the pressure to qualify intensifies, the day to “mount-up” finally comes and it’s over in the blink of an eye. Far away on the other side of the spectrum, some ferocious