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  • Honorary Commanders Program: Community leaders learn base, mission, to make life outside gates better

    What do a firefighter, a hospital official, a banker and Methodist pastor have in common? These four plus a college official, a radio official and a chamber of commerce president round out the team that makes up the 2006-2007 1st Special Operations Wing Honorary Commanders Program. In its third year, the program is designed to build and maintain
  • Saving lives one IED at a time: EOD techs brave bombs while others run away

    Squadrons and flights around the Air Force have their mottos and creeds. But none is more important perhaps than that of the explosive ordnance disposal career field: "Initial success or total failure." When you do what these Airmen do for a living, obviously nothing less than perfection is acceptable. Their mission is simple - to neutralize the
  • Team Hurlburt Annual Awards

    Nine Hurburt Field Airmen and civil service employees proved themselves to be the best-of-the-best in 2006 and were announced as the Team Hurlburt Annual Award winners at the annual awards banquet held Feb. 23 at the Emerald Coast Conference Center. The event honored these winners and every other unit award winner from across Hurlburt Field. The
  • What is the most important four-letter word?

    What is the most important four-letter word in the English language -- love, care? A father asked his sons. The sons responded by scratching their heads and guessing to no avail, the father's answer was always the same -- no. However, the answer was no, not that N-O, but K-N-O-W. Retired Gen. Lloyd "Fig" Newton, African-American History Luncheon
  • COMBAT TRUCKERS - 1st SOLRS deployed convoys keep rollin’; maintain lifelines for troops on frontlines

    Drive from Hurlburt Field to New York on a diet of sleep deprivation, extreme weather conditions and stressful traffic delays. And be there by tomorrow. If that's not challenging enough, add improvised explosive devices, vehicle born IEDs, small-arms fire, snipers, etc. This was the scenario Staff Sgt. Matthew Trissel, 1st Special Operation
  • JGLO: Bringing “joint” flavor to Hurlburt Field

    Calling in an AC-130 for fire support ain't like ordering a pizza - but it delivers. Army Green Berets, Navy SEALs and Marine Corps Special Operations Forces come to Hurlburt Field to train with these fire-breathing machines. The 1st Special Operations Support Squadron's Joint Ground Liaison coordinates realistic, unique and specialized training
  • Hurlburt Spouse’s Club gives back to Airmen, families, base

    When the words 'spouse's club' are mentioned, an image of dainty ladies in hats and gloves sipping tea and discussing the latest tittle-tattle comes to mind. The Hurlburt Spouse's Club is anything but that. The HSC has more than 140 members involved in many activities on and off base helping either the Airmen directly or the community in which they
  • AC-130U gunships become even Spookier

    The 4th Special Operations Squadron received four new aircraft with a new arsenal requiring new kind of training for the flight crews aboard the AC-130U Spooky gunships. The new aircraft will sport two 30 mm guns to replace the existing 25 mm Gatling-gun and 40 mm Bofors cannon that have been a part of the airplane's firepower since its inception.
  • 8th AMU new kid on the tarmac

    The 8th Aircraft Maintenance Unit may be the smallest and newest maintenance squadron at Hurlburt Field, but they are fired up about their mission and the aircraft they're responsible for safekeeping. Sharing space with the MH-53 PAVE LOWs in Independence Hangar, they're responsible for the modifications and maintenance of the 8th Special
  • Chaplains: serving base, deployed units, community

    Whether it's a retirement, a change of command or services on the weekend, the Hurlburt Field chaplains are always present and ready to help Airmen and their families at "Anytime, Anyplace." The chapel has six chaplains and six chaplain assistants, but at any given time, four are deployed to wherever Air Force Special Operations Command personnel