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  • ALS trains tomorrow's leaders today

    Attention anyone who hopes to make it into the ranks of the non-commissioned officer corps. There is something out there awaiting all hopefuls; uncaring of age, sex, race or squadron. It demands sacrifice and is unyielding in its purpose. It's Airman Leadership School. The mission of ALS is to ensure senior airmen promoted to staff sergeants have
  • Vacation Bible School offers religious education for children

    There was singing, dancing, pirates and treasure hunts at the base chapel June 12-16. This was no ordinary gala. The “Treasure Island” themed celebration was geared toward the celebration of Christian fellowship. The Protestant vacation Bible school had an average of 90 children in attendance every night and provided an opportunity for children to
  • Man’s best friend – bad guy’s worst enemy

    During World War II, the American Kennel Club and a new group calling itself Dogs for Defense mobilized dog owners across the country to donate quality animals to the Army Quartermaster Corps. Dogs donated to the Army by a patriotic public saved the lives of numerous Soldiers in combat. In March 1942, the Quartermaster Corps stood up the “K-9
  • Parachute shop

    The parachute shop on Hurlburt Field has a huge responsibility. The lives of fliers literally depend on these Airmen. “The hardest part of this job is dealing with the fact that we could save or kill someone,” said Senior Airman Derek Scott, a survival equipment specialist. There are five types and more that 2,000 chutes on base that must be
  • Dancin’ to different tune

    When Staff Sgt. Roann Gray, a 15th Special Operations Squadron loadmaster, received a notice in the mail about a free dance lesson, she didn't realize how much one lesson would change her life. "When I received the notice in the mail, I thought why not try it," said Sergeant Gray. "Now I'm really glad I did." Thirty pounds lighter and more
  • Keystone Club molds future leaders of America

    Some Hurlburt Field teens do more than just watch television and play video games. They volunteer to help at special base events, hold movie nights, pool parties and go on weekend trips. But most of all, they have fun. The Keystone Club is the reason these teens are so active. Located in the teen center, the club meets at 7:30 p.m. every Friday
  • Senior NCO makes fitness contagious at 39th IOS

    Master Sgt. Charles “Tom” Rados was, by his own admission, “the guy in the squadron who wouldn’t run more than 1.5 miles unless someone was chasing him with a bazooka.” His lack of motivation toward running and physical fitness showed as he squeaked by his 2004 and 2005 fitness tests. Feeling sick and in pain for a week after running just a mile
  • Program saving base money with repairs

    Chances are you’ve used something on base that was purchased by the Air Force Repair Enhancement Program – a program that has saved more than $500,000 this fiscal year alone. Repairing mission capable parts is the biggest priority of the AFREP. It’s not uncommon for this program to keep our planes in the air, and the mission moving forward. The
  • Bataan Death March: Hurlburt Airmen pay tribute to fallen service members in 26.2 mile ruck sack march at White Sands Missile Range

    Thousands of American and Filipino Soldiers were forced by the Japanese to march for days in the scorching heat with little sleep and little food and water, in April 1942, in a World War II event now known as the Bataan Death March. When Soldiers fell behind they were killed, if they asked for water they were killed and those who did survive were
  • Reflections of times gone by: Women in the military

    The women of the Air Force Enlisted Village shared stories of their experiences in the military at a brown-bag luncheon held at Eglin Air Force Base March 8 as a part of their Women’s History Month observation. The group of 20 ladies shared smiles and snacks, while the women of the yesterday’s military reminisced about the challenges they faced