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  • Think twice before you post online

    Every Airman is an ambassador for the Air Force. What you say and what you do reflect not only on you, but on the Air Force as an organization. And now that more and more Airmen are actively using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, what you post matters too.It is the responsibility of every Airman to think twice before posting
  • The Chaplain's Corner: Chanukah, the eight-day holiday of miracles

    As Chanukah, the eight-day holiday of miracles, approaches, I extend my sincere wishes for a happy and inspiring Chanukah. The message of Chanukah is important and timely for all Jews, but even more so to Jews living in surroundings with comparatively little Jewish vitality and activity. It is precisely in such circumstances that Chanukah offers
  • Chaplain's Corner: It's a Wonderful Christmas

    A Christmas Parable: A man is climbing a mountain, at the top of which he hopes to find God. By ascending the heights, the seeker expects to leave all the cares and miseries of life behind in the valley. But while he climbs, God is coming down the mountain into the toil and grief of life. In the mists of the mountain, God and the man pass one
  • Feeling the Squeeze

    Military aircraft fly in formation to provide mutual support in combat. Two aircraft are more effective than an aircraft flying alone, and a formation is more capable both offensively and defensively. Most tactical aircraft have a blind spot behind them, or in their 6 o'clock position. Good wingmen watch each other's "6." If an aircraft goes down,
  • Domestic Violence Awareness Month: There is help available

    What is domestic violence?Domestic violence is a pattern of behaviors that adults or adolescents use against their intimate partners or former partners to establish power and control. It may include physical, sexual, emotional and economic abuse. It may also include threats, isolation, pet abuse, using children and a variety of other behaviors used
  • Energy---Trick or Treat

    Halloween marks the end of Energy Awareness Month with the theme of "Energy Solutions...Fueling the Mission." As exterior lights burn bright with costumed crews haunting the night, check the bulbs and replace them with compact fluorescent light bulbs. This simple action represents a small step in conservation and reduction in demand. Adjusting
  • Energy Conservation, A Personal Commitment

    Energy independence has become a top national priority for the United States. Our national strategy calls for reducing demand and improving efficiency of current energy consumption while increasing development of sustainable domestic energy production. Every American consumes energy and, therefore, has a role to play in supporting this national
  • Energy Solutions...Fueling the Mission

    In 1991, President George Bush formally declared October as energy awareness month. President Bush did so during a time of great enlightenment regarding America's energy use, with the Gulf War highlighting how dependent our country was on foreign oil. Unfortunately, several years later, we still find ourselves relying too heavily on foreign energy
  • Remember our POW/MIAs today, every day

    My earliest memories come from the mid-1960's. I was not even 4 years old at the time. My father was a dashing young Air Force pilot. He would come home for lunch in his flight suit, and it was the highlight of my day. I anxiously waited to join my father at the lunch table. He'd come in the door, give Mom a kiss, and say something to the effect
  • Praying for peace: A chaplain’s perspective

    In light of the United States' heavy involvement in overseas contingency operations, it has not been uncommon to see or hear of civilians protesting the war at front gates of military installations around the world. A few years ago, in the United States, one female college basketball player captured the attention of national and international