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  • Baking toward disaster

    When I was 15, I worked at a sandwich shop. The job allowed me to interact with many interesting people on a daily basis. One profound encounter I will always remember involved two female customers, who I presumed to be a mother and a daughter out for a meal. One day, the daughter handed over some money to pay for both meals. I took the opportunity
  • A Snake is a Snake

    There's nothing like opening your front door to find a slithery snake sunning himself on your front door step. Our experts in the 1st Special Operation Civil Engineer Squadron's Natural Resources Flight say there are 44 species of snakes found in Florida. Six of the 44 snakes are venomous. Luckily, only four of these venomous snakes are found on
  • Fly Fight and Win: A Spectre's Perspective

    "Fly, Fight and Win." This wing Aim point is thought of by most as describing the pointy end of the dagger, the ops guys executing the mission. I think it better describes a team coming together to accomplish a no fail mission. A mission that is essential to our national security. Both the Chief of Staff of the Air Force and the 1st Special
  • A Reason to Run

    It's said that with enough initiative, motivation and determination, you can do anything to which you set your mind. I was reminded of this fact last week when I learned about a young Hurlburt Field Airman with a big plan and an impressive follow-through. Last fall, then Senior Airman Ronni Russell, an electronic systems security assessment senior
  • Air commandos and their proximity to the target

    Air Force leadership, at all levels, always talks about individual's relevance to the mission not being a direct correlation to their proximity to "the target." Have Air Commandos of Team Hurlburt taken the time to reflect on that statement and think about what that means to them and their fellow Air Commandos? If they haven't, they should.
  • 101 Critical Days of Summer: Are You Prepared?

    The 101 Critical Days of Summer campaign is upon us. This annual campaign began in the early 1980s to combat the increase of accidents and fatalities that traditionally occur during the summer months. The goal is to significantly reduce the number and severity of these mishaps through increased personal risk management and awareness. This year the
  • Physical fitness a vital measure of readiness

    Imagine reporting for duty one morning and having your supervisor say you've been selected for a 270-day deployment to a provincial reconstruction team in Afghanistan. After the news begins to sink in, you then find out you have to complete some tough combat skills training at Fort Bragg, N.C. Holy cow! Oh, and by the way, you need to be there in
  • Preserving your place in history

    In late July 1885, former American president Ulysses S. Grant struggled with his memoirs. Dying from throat cancer, President Grant faced a dilemma. First, Northern newspapers depicted him as a butcher, claiming he had won the Civil War due to numbers and not his skill or leadership. Second, he was bankrupt, which meant his family faced certain
  • April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

    Sexual assault is a crime affecting victims of all ages, races and genders. Each April, the Department of Defense and other organizations across the nation observe Sexual Assault Awareness Month. This annual event highlights the efforts the DOD is taking to combat the crime and promote prevention through events and activities geared toward
  • Being a military brat can be rewarding

    My hometown is nowhere and my friends are everywhere. Welcome to my life as a military brat. While growing up the one thing I had to learn was that you must always put your country before yourself. "The military is more than a lifestyle, it's a culture with its own norms and values," as Mary Wertsch once said. However, people have stereotyped us