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  • The ashen brotherhood: A lesson too easily forgotten

    The second week of September has become a time of reflection and remembrance for the people who were lost in the most horrific terrorist attack to ever take place on American soil. It has also become a week that television airwaves are filled with programs dedicated to the events of Sept. 11, 2001, and the aftermath. These shows cover every angle
  • Of ballots and bullets: Why the Afghanistan election was a victory of hope

    All day Aug. 20 I was looking up. I kept expecting a rocket, mortar or spurt of small arms fire to pierce the brilliant blue sky. But on election day, the air over Paktya, Afghanistan remained unexpectedly serene. Paktya province lies along the Pakistan border in eastern Afghanistan, a region which largely remains an insurgent safe haven, and which
  • Really? You’re still not wearing your seat belt?

    Imagine if half of Hurlburt Field's active duty population died in car accidents over the course of a year. Well, that same number of people did die last year across the nation - 4,152 people to be exact - according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Of course there were more fatalities than that for the year - but that's the
  • Use your head for thinking, not bouncing off the pavement

    "You've got to be kidding me," I thought to myself as I pulled onto the highway for the traffic-clogged journey to work after a long, pleasant leave. Usually, this thought comes as I catch a glimpse of the heavy traffic flow that clogs the highway for miles on end. On this day, however, traffic was dense, but I hardly even noticed. Instead, my
  • Hurricane preparedness right at your fingertips

    Hopefully by now, nearly three months into hurricane season, Hurlburt Airmen and their families have taken the necessary steps and precautions to be prepared if a major storm threatens the Gulf Coast. Hurricane season runs from June 1 to Nov. 30, with the peak of storm activity occurring from August to October. And while hurricanes happen every
  • It's your duty to report suspicious contacts

    The responsiblity to report suspicious individuals in which you come in contact falls on each and every individual that lives and works on Hurlburt Field.Air Force Instruction 71-101v4 outlines what is reportable:· Personal contact with an individual (regardless of nationality) who suggests that a foreign intelligence or any terrorist organization
  • Celebrities among us

    In the last few weeks, America has been mourning the loss of quite a few celebrities; from those who sold us products like laundry detergent and life insurance to musical icons who the nation watched grow up before its eyes. It amazes me how people who we've never had the pleasure of meeting can have such a huge impact on our lives. Do you know who
  • Commando spirit of teamwork in action

    Last week, Team Hurlburt marked the July 4 holiday with our annual Sound of Independence celebration. The event was a huge success, despite the fact that we had to delay the fireworks show until the following evening due to the threat of severe weather. I want to recognize the efforts of the Sound of Independence event coordinator, Ms. Jessica
  • Summertime in Florida means greater propensity for bear activity

    As the sun continues to shine brightly upon Hurlburt Field each day, many people come out of their hiding places to enjoy the fantastic weather and climate that makes the installation one of the most preferred destinations on an individual's dream sheet. However, people aren't the only creatures that enjoy the warm sun and the cool breezes that
  • More than just a graded test

    Like many Americans, I struggle at times with the motivation to exercise. Try as I might to stay focused, I often seem to find something else to do. Don't get me wrong: once I am actually exercising, it feels great. It's getting to that point that is difficult to me. Perhaps fate was at work when I was given the opportunity to interview some