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  • Before the 6 SOS there was the 4400 CCTS

    In 1994, the United States Air Force commissioned the 6th Special Operations Squadron to train our allies on American equipment. Since that time, the 6 SOS has trained thousands of foreign airmen, both abroad and here at Hurlburt Field. In addition to training their foreign colleagues, the 6 SOS has developed working relationships with these
  • Your record, your career

    Very few of you will ever personally see a board of any sort in your career. Yet your records meet countless boards over the course of a career that determine such important things as promotion, command, assignments, in-residence professional military education and new training. Assuming that's true, why do so many of us let years go by without
  • 1 SOLRS mentoring Airmen, growing leaders

    Although the 1st Special Operations Logistics Readiness Squadron spends the majority of their time helping to support the 1st Special Operations Wing's ability to "fly, fight and win", the senior enlisted also understand the importance of developing the Airmen to shape the future Air Force. Under the guidance of Chief Master Sgt. Enrique Shaw, the
  • Blackbirds fly high in hallmark year

    The past year was a hallmark in the proud 91 year history of the 8th Special Operations Squadron Blackbirds, a year which witnessed the transformation from a squadron with a handful of personnel to a combat unit, ready and able to employ the global reach of the CV-22 Osprey; any time, any place. In the beginning of 2008, the 8th SOS consisted of 20
  • Confessions of an energy-abuser

    Ladies and gentlemen, I have a confession to make. I was an energy consum-aholic. I left lights on wherever I went, like some type of strange electrically-charged crumb trail to mark my path out of a building in case of an emergency. I would routinely leave the television on for the entire day, regardless of whether or not I was actually at home. I
  • Thoughts from above Hurlburt Field

    As I awoke from sleep on a Monday morning it was cold and dark; the sun barely projected its rays across the horizon as I stared through the window. I didn't want to get up. A few seconds later, something said to me "Airman, it's time to go to work." Man, I was tired. As I drove to work I kept planning and visualizing in my mind what the day would
  • Safety and the warfighter

    Has this ever happened to you? You're sitting at your desk when suddenly an e-mail pops up informing you a periodic safety inspection is to occur in your work area at some unannounced time during the coming week. Or during a shop or office meeting, your supervisor tells you the unit safety representative will be conducting a cursory safety
  • The Crew of Spirit 03: Upholding the Airman’s Creed

    Amidst silent rows of marble tablets honoring our nation's many heroes, Air Commandos and their families gathered at Arlington National Cemetery Jan. 31, to pay tribute to the memory of the 14 heroes from the fallen crew of Spirit 03, an AC-130H gunship shot down 18 years ago during Operation Desert Storm. The third of three gunships launched to
  • How to save a life

    If you knew you had the power to save a life, would you use it? What if you could go back in time and prevent an incident that would save the life of someone you know or someone you loved, would you do it? What if you had the power to prevent driving under the influence at Hurlburt Field? The power is in your hands. Incidents of DUI are quite
  • Words we live by

    By the time this commentary is printed, our nation will have sworn in a new president. The inauguration of any new American president is an historical event and accompanied by a lot of pomp and circumstance. Undoubtedly, this year's inauguration deserves a special place in the history of our nation. Yet, through all of the media hype this week, I