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1st Special Operations Force Support Squadron

The 1st Special Operations Force Support Squadron (SOFSS) provides administrative control for approximately 650 military and civilian personnel in the squadron, and provides commander's support, military personnel services and civilian personnel services for all units residing on Hurlburt Field. The squadron manages 70 base facilities, and supports more than 40,000 active duty, reservists, civilians, families, and retirees in the local community. The unit also provides essential human services to the Hurlburt community through a wide variety of activities, facilities, and programs to include child care, before-and-after school youth programs, family childcare, dining facilities, lodging, outdoor recreation, golf course, library services, bowling, base honor guard, mortuary affairs, equipment rental, fitness centers, auto hobby shop, education center and Airmen and Family Readiness Center.

The 1 SOFSS evolved from the Air Force-directed mergers of base Mission Support Squadrons and Services Squadrons. The merger reduced the number of flights from 12 to 11, thus reducing overhead.

Apparently constituted Air Base Squadron, 15th Air Base Group, and activated, on 25 Sep 1940. Redesignated: 16th Air Base Squadron on 17 Jan 1941; 16th Base Headquarters and Air Base Squadron on 14 Jul 1942. Inactivated on 1 Oct 1945. Disbanded on 8 Oct 1948. Reconstituted, and redesignated 16th Air Base Squadron on 31 Jul 1985. Consolidated (1 Oct 1993) with the 1st Special Operations Mission Support Squadron, which was constituted on 23 Feb 1993. Activated on 24 Mar 1993. Redesignated 16th Mission Support Squadron on 1 Oct 1993; 1st Special Operations Mission Support Squadron on 16 Nov 2006; 1st Special Operations Force Support Squadron on 20 Jun 2008.

15th Air Base Group, 25 Sep 1940; Sixth Air Force, c. Aug 1942-1 Oct 1945. 1st Special Operations Support (later, 16th Support, later 16th Mission Support; 1st Special Operations Mission Support) Group, 24 Mar 1993-.

Albrook Fld, Canal Zone, 25 Sep 1940-1 Oct 1945. Eglin Air Force Auxiliary Airfield #9 (Hurlburt Fld), FL, 24 Mar 1993-.

Service Streamers
World War II American Theater

Air Force Outstanding Unit Award with Combat "V" Device
1 Jun 1997 - 31 May 1999
1 Jul 2003 - 30 Jun 2005
1 Oct 2006 - 30 Jun 2007

Meritorious Unit Award
1 Jul 2007 - 19 Jun 2009
1 Oct 2009 - 30 Sept 2011
1 Oct 2011 - 30 Sept 2013
1 Oct 2013 - 30 Sept 2015
1 Oct 2017 - 30 Sept 2019
Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards
24 Mar 1993 - 15 Apr 1994
1 Jun 1995 - 31 May 1997
1 Jul 1999 - 30 Jun 2001
1 Jul 2001 - 30 Jun 2003
1 Oct 2005 - 30 Sep 2006

Emblem Significance
Blue represents the sky, the primary theater of Air Force operations. Yellow signifies the sun and the excellence required of Air Force personnel. Red refers to high threat missions supported by the unit. The star symbolizes Air Force Special Operations Command, the squadron's parent unit. The fist holding the scales shows the balance the unit must meet in supporting both the mission and serving the people. The colors of the hand denote the nature of Commando Special Operations