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  • 8th Special Operations Squadron

    MissionThe 8th Special Operations Squadron (8th SOS) is one of nine flying squadrons in the 1st Special Operations Wing, at Hurlburt Field, FL.The primary mission of the 8th SOS is to provide rapid global response supporting long-range infiltration, exfiltration and resupply of Special Operations Forces in hostile or denied territories, during day,
  • 1st Special Operations Group, Deteachment 2 (AC-130J)

    MissionLocated at Hurlburt Field, FL, the 1st Special Operations Group Detachment 2 the newest flying unit within the 1st Special Operations Wing and employs the AC-130J Ghostrider gunship. The detachment is tasked to support developmental and operational testing of the AC-130J and aid in AFSOC’s gunship transition by providing highly experienced
  • 1st Special Operations Wing Safety

    Newcomer’s, welcome to Hurlburt Field, the 1st SOW and the Emerald Coast. You will soon discover why Hurlburt is considered one of the Air Force’s best assignments. Hurlburt is relevant in today’s global environment and a great place live, work and play. We want your assignment to be enjoyable but a safe one too. The information below can help; but

    Mission The MC-130H Combat Talon II provides infiltration, exfiltration, and resupply of special operations forces and equipment in hostile or denied territory. Secondary missions include psychological operations and helicopter and vertical lift air refueling. Features The aircraft feature terrain-following and terrain-avoidance radars capable of
  • Air Commandos

    We are America’s Air CommandosWe are Air Commandos, quiet professionals, Airmen personally committed to our craft. As the air component of U.S. Special Operations Command, we are capable and ready to conduct special operations anytime, anyplace. We are disciplined professionals dedicated to continuous improvement. Innovative and adaptable, our
  • Birth of the Air Commandos

    General Henry H. (Hap) Arnold coined the term "Air Commando" in early 1944. This term referred to a group of Air Corps personnel established in India to support British long-range penetration forces in Burma. Its lineage began with the highly secret Project 9, the organizing and recruiting stages in the United States. Project 9 became the 5318th
  • B-25J Mitchell

    The North American B-25 was named after Billy Mitchell, the American General who advocated greater airpower in the armed forces. A production B-25 took its maiden flight Aug. 19, 1940. It was powered by two Wright R-2600-9 Cyclone engines which delivered a total of 3,400 horsepower. The aircraft's top speed was 355 mph. The original plane had
  • A-26 Counter Invader

    The Douglas XA-26 prototype first flew July 10, 1942, and the company began delivering the production model A-26B in August 1943. Douglas Invaders began arriving in England in September 1944 for assignment to the 9th Air Force and entered combat two months later on Nov. 19. Invaders appeared in the Pacific Theater in January 1945 and proved to be
  • O-2A Skymaster

    The Air Force bought Cessna O-2 Super Skymaster to replace the aging O-1 Bird Dogs for use in Vietnam as forward air control aircraft. The O-2 evolved from the Cessna Model 336, which was destined to provide twin engine capability for single engine qualified pilots. A major difficulty in going to two engines was symmetric handling, which is
  • OV-10 Bronco

    The OV-10A was a twin-turboprop short takeoff and landing aircraft conceived by the U.S. Marine Corps and developed under a U.S. Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps tri-service program. The first production OV-10A was ordered in 1966, and its initial flight took place in August 1967. The Bronco's missions included observation, forward air control,
  • O-1E Bird Dog

    In 1950 Cessna won an Army design competition for a light, two-seat liaison and observation aircraft. They mated the wings and tail of one aircraft to a new fuselage with a large windowed "glasshouse" cabin and a 213 horsepower engine. The Army bought this L-19 Bird Dog which served in the Korean and Vietnam Wars. A wingspan of 36 feet, length of
  • 1st Special Operations Air Operations Squadron

    MissionThe 1st Special Operations Air Operations Squadron integrates 1 SOW assets into special operations forces training events, supports United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM)-directed missions and executes tactical level command and control (C2) of all continental United States and deploying 1 SOW aircraft until transfered to

    MissionThe MC-130E Combat Talon I provide infiltration, exfiltration and resupply of special operations forces and equipment in hostile or denied territory. Secondary missions include psychological operations and helicopter air refuelingFeaturesThe aircraft featured terrain-following and terrain-avoidance radars capable of operations as low as 250
  • 1st Special Operations Comptroller Squadron

    The 1st Special Operations Comptroller Squadron is a 1st SOW staff agency managing the financial business of Hurlburt Field. Its award-winning financial professionals strive for continuous, courteous, and accurate customer service while providing peacetime and wartime world-wide support to all members, both active and retired, of the uniformed
  • Chaplain's office

    Serving the spiritual needs of the Hurlburt Field community, the 1st SOW Chapel offers confidential counseling and worship opportunities. The chapel is located just inside the main gate, and there are many programs designed to accommodate the free exercise of religion and other personal beliefs. The Chaplain Corps provides pastoral support for the